Children’s Church and Christian Education are an important part of a child’s development. Tower Of Grace strives to provide a well-rounded teaching program to our children.

We teach love and the will of God. We encourage all of our students to share God’s love with others while applying it to their lives.

Our mission is to raise well balanced children in all spheres of life, to be devoted followers of Christ and his teachings.

Our vision is to invite all children ages 3-15 to get to know Christ and transform their daily lives and the lives of others around them. We teach truth based values believing that God’s word is functional and true. We train every child to use this as their guide and authority in everything. We believe that life change happens through relationships. Adults who exhibit Christ to children, their families and each other will show children how to do the same.

This type of modeling will impact God’s Kingdom for generations to come. Children s Church is adventurous and fun! We seek out a variety of different ways to make learning the gospel interesting! Through, song, mime, and even sign language we explore God’s word and challenge children to have a vibrant growing relationship with Christ.

Please join us as we build the children’s village….


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