Ministries & Departments

Ministries & Departments

 Bishop’s Office

Name & Surname Portfolio  Responsibilities                                  
Mr Rendani Mukwevho  Executive Director: Bishop’s Office  Provide leadership to the Bishop’s office focusing on Pastoral support and looking after the TOG branches and associate churches. 

Personal Pastoral Assistance

• Responsible for personal pastoral support teams

• Make follow-up on the pastor’s diary.

• Give support to the Senior Pastor.

• Deal with pastoral protocol

• May assist in transporting special guests.

Mr Garrison Lidovho  Director: Family Churches  Establish constant communication between TOG Rosslyn and other TOG branches and other associate churches to ensure the branches support one another on different activities.


Church Operations

Name & Surname Portfolio   Responsibilities
Mr Dakalo Mukheli  Chief Operations Officer  Oversee and give direction to the operations of the church as mandated by the Senior Pastor, to ensure ministries and departmental plans are successfully executed.
Mr Takalani Singo  Director: Projects and Events  Manage capital projects and provide events support to different ministries and departments.
Mrs Thandi Mulidzwi  Director: Internal Audit  Provide advice on how the church departments’ functions to ensure systems and controls are in place in order to accomplish the set objectives. 

TOG Ministries

Name & Surname Portfolio   Responsibilities
Pastor Joe Mudau  Executive Director: Ministries  Provide leadership to the following ministries Women of the Word (WOW), Real Men, Youth Alive, Home Cells, Intercession, Outreach and Missions. 

Act as an Assistant Pastor to the Bishop to execute different pastoral assignments such as visiting members at hospitals, counselling, etc.

Real Men

Name & Surname Portfolio   Responsibilities
Mr Solomon Kodisang  Director: Real Men & Security Real Men• Develop programme and coordination of men activities.

• Conduct regular men meetings and special seminars for teaching and fellowship.

• Coordinate fellowship meetings between Real Men and WOW.


• Ensure that the premises are secure at all times.

• Assist with any disturbances during meetings.

• Liaise with SAPS on security related matters.

Women of the Word (WOW)

Name & Surname Portfolio   Responsibilities
Mrs Queen Munyai  Director: WOW  WOW• Develop programme and coordination of women activities including conference and seminars.


Hospitality & Catering

• Prepare the visitor’s table.

• Organise catering as the need arises.

• Preparation of holy communion.

Youth Alive

Name & Surname Portfolio   Responsibilities
Ms Ndivhuwo Lalamani  Director: Youth Alive Development and implementation of activities aimed at empowering the youth to fulfil their purpose.


Home Fellowship Groups

Name & Surname Portfolio   Responsibilities
Mr Livhuhani Ntsandeni Director: Home Cells • Responsible for the establishment and planting of new home-fellowship groups.• Responsible for the effective running of home- fellowship groups that accommodates members at different areas.

• Oversee the running of the Helping Hand Office aimed at assisting needy members and communities.


Name & Surname Portfolio   Responsibilities
Mrs Kagiso Mudau  Director: Intercession  • Compile and implement annual prayer activities in consultation with the church leadership.• Teach and train intercessors.

• Handle prayer request from members.


 Missions and Outreach

Name & Surname Portfolio   Responsibilities
Mr Michael Lekgetho  Missions and Outreach  Responsible for the development and implementation of the mission and outreach programme including soul winning activities aimed at bringing the good news to the unsaved.

 Music, Arts and Culture and Facilities

Name & Surname Portfolio   Responsibilities
Pastor Thanyani Ranwedzi  Executive Director: Music, Arts and Culture and Facilities  Oversee and provide leadership to the following departments – Music, Arts and Culture and Facilities.Music

Ensure the worship team prepares for the different church services.

Responsible for the maintenance and security of all sound equipment.


Responsible for the house keeping teams.

Responsible for the proper use of the facilities and maintenance thereof.

 Arts and Culture

Name & Surname Portfolio   Responsibilities
Mr Michael Lekgetho  Director: Arts & Culture  Organisation of arts and culture action including drama, sport activities dance and commemoration of relevant heritage days.

 Education & Development

Name & Surname Portfolio   Responsibilities
Mrs Sharon Makgato Executive Director: Education & Development  Provide leadership to the following ministries Children Ministry, Training Department and Deacons Board.

 Children Ministry

Name & Surname Portfolio   Responsibilities
Mr Nik Byl Director: Children Ministry  Develop and implement annual children ministry activities ensuring that the children are taught the Word of God and that they are developed in areas of their gifting.

 Training and Development

Name & Surname Portfolio   Responsibilities
Dr Tshilidzi Muthivhi Director: Training and Development  Training• Address all the training and development needs from ministries and departments.


Marriage Counselling

• Lead the team conducting the pre-marital counselling.

 Deacons Board

Name & Surname Portfolio   Responsibilities
Mrs Linda Muthivhi Director: Deacons Board  Deacons• Provide oversight to the Deacon’s Board.

• Conduct baptism and children dedication functions.

• Responsible for serving of Holy Communion.



• Responsible for counselling of new born believers.

• Conducting formal classes for new converts.

• Responsible for conducting membership classes.

• Ensure proper placement of members in Home Fellowship Groups.


Advanced Counselling

• Responsible for conducting spiritual counselling.

• Make calls and/or personal contact with members in crisis situations.

• Assist in identifying areas that needs professional counselling or other interventions.


Name & Surname Portfolio   Responsibilities
Bheki Kgomo Executive Director: Finance Oversee the following functions – finance administration, asset management and fundraising.
Mrs Rudzani Mandiwana  Director: Finance Admin • Develop and maintain financial analysis and reporting activities.• Prepare finance reports and account reconciliation reports.

• Offer advice in setting and managing budgets.

• Streamline processes and procedures for improving operational efficiency of finance reporting and budgeting systems.


 Information Desk

Name & Surname Portfolio   Responsibilities
Mr Warren Makgowe Executive Director: Communication Oversee the following functions – information desk, Marketing, Bookshop and Information Technology (IT).Amongst others, the responsibilities include:

• Compile and distribute information through various platforms such at the website, social media and face to face during church services.

• Offer media liaison advice to the church leadership.

• Sales of books and CDs.

Mr Khuliso Muvhango  Director: Marketing and IT  Marketing• Creatively develop designs, brand concepts and graphic solutions that are able to convey messages in an impactful manner to support the various activities of the church.

Information Technology

• Provide IT support to various activities of the church.