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Core Ministries

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Core Ministries

Pas. Joe Mudau

Executive Director: Ministries

Act as Assistant Pastor to the Bishop to execute different pastoral assignments such as visiting members at hospitals, counselling, etc.

Provide leadership to the following ministries Women of the Word (WOW), Real Men, Youth Alive and Pulpit.

Mrs. Rudzani Ranwedzi

Director: Women Of the Word

Develop programmes and coordinate activities including conferences and seminars to empower women.  

Mr. Solly Kodisang

Director: Real Men

Develop and implement activities aimed at empowering men to fulfil their God given assignments.


Mr. Livhu Ramagadza

Director: Youth

Development and implementation of activities aimed at empowering the youth to fulfil their purpose.

Mr Garrison Lidovho

Director: Family Churches

Establish constant communication between TOG Rosslyn and other TOG branches and other associate churches to ensure the branches support one another on different activities.